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Chat Rooms
Chat rooms allow online participants to communicate via text messages. Any user can create a chat room, which can be public or private.

Find a Chat Room

First get a list of the public chatrooms. To do that, click the Chat button on the top toolbar, then click the Add button on the left of the 2nd line, then click Gather. You may need to repeat that several times to get moat or all of the current public rooms. When they are added to the Channels list You will see the room names, the status (Online, Offline, Connecting), the number of Users currently connected and the current room Topic.

Join a Chat Room

Right-click any channel in your list and select Start.  The chat window for the highlighted channel is visible at the bottom.

User Levels

There is a control hierarchy in the channels. Obviously the "Owner", the one that created the channel, can do everything. They are Top Dog or God, if you will. Most other users who come and go are assigned by default to Normal level. The Owner can assign higher levels to certain users. At least one user with level above Normal must be joined for others to be able to join. This allows access to the channel when the Owner is not in the channel or online. Learn more at Chatroom User Levels

Text Formatting

To spice things up, you can add color to your comments.
Text colors can be used in channel messages. Learn more about that at Using Color Codes in Chat Text

Create a Chat Room

On the Chat page, click the Add button and from the drop-down menu select Create New.

Minimally you're chat room requires only a name. Entering one in the Name field and clicking OK creates a public chat room users can find and join. The chat room's name can be no longer than 32 characters long.

Other options avaiable when creating a new chat room include

Topic: A short description of your chat room and it's purpose.

Welcome Message: A short introductory text presented to every user each time they connect to the chat room.

Advanced Parameters: A variety of room-specific settings that allow you to control access, visibility and other aspects of the chat room. See the Advanced Parameters section for further details.

Private Key: Filled in automatically for you, this string of random characters is, essentially, the id code of your chat room. You don't need to change this, however you do have the option to Randomize to create a new random key, or Hash which will create a new key based on the contents of what's currently entered in the Private Key field.

After creating a new chat room it appears in the list of chat rooms. You'll notice it starts in a Connecting state. This is normal and the room will usually remain in the state until a second user joins.

Advanced Parameters

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