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The channel Auto-Moderate feature was just created for v1.58.  It can be accessed from the Options tab of any channel.  For now, it has two main functions, automatic copying of banlist entries from another channel, and automatic copying of local ignore list entries.

The settings are configured by a free-form text format.  There is a default template built into the program that explains the syntax of the file:

// This file is used to setup automatic banning / unbanning based upon the
// local ignore list or another channel's ban list.

// Each line is a command followed by one or more parameters.  Any parameter that
// contains space should be quoted.

// The following commands control how new automatic bans will be created:

// Limit the maximum block for automatic bans.  Can be key, ip, narrow, or wide.
max_block wide

// Set a flag in the comment, so we can auto-unban later if needed.
set_ban_flag "[auto]"

// Other ways to alter the comment
//comment_overwrite "here is a new comment"
//comment_insert "insert at front"
//comment_append "append to back"

// The following commands specify when to ban / unban.  Uncomment as needed.

// Ban any user that has been ignored locally.

// Ban any user that has been ignored locally, including via Auto-Ignore from other channels.

// Ban any user that is banned in another channel
//ban_channel_bans fopnu:channel:pl3bstp4ku4djveqb5m3pyjpwwgtrm5oax74rrzht224oloasecq/Testing

// Unban any flagged automatic bans if no longer would be auto-banned.
// Defaults to last set_ban_flag if no parameter given.
//auto_unban_flagged "[auto]"

It is important to note that this system uses flags in the comment field of each ban entry it creates, in order to recognize the automatic bans so they can be later removed if they disappear from the original source, whether it be the local ignore list or another channel's ban list.

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