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Manual peer bootstrap example
Is the Fopnu bootstrap server blocked in your country? The following example will show you how you can still connect. Before you continue, you must find someone who is already connected and has an open port.

Let's say that someone you know is running Fopnu on the following IP: and using port 34781. So to add that peer for bootstrap, you would put: "" in the bootstrap box. If you had multiple peers you wanted add, it would look like: ",,"

I recommend adding more than one peer for redundancy. Your bootstrap peer should have an open port. An IPv6 address can work too. Just make sure to include the IPv6 address in brackets. Example:  [fd11:3ee:ac19:48aa::1]:4789 (This is an example of the address "fd11:3ee:ac19:48aa::1" running on port 4789)

These examples are fake and do not contain any public IPs. Do not use them.

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