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Chat Channels
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In chat rooms, yes, you can chat! And you can also browse the files other users may be sharing and send direct messages to another user.

Creating your very own chatroom

Anyone, even you, can create and operate a chat channel. Creating a channel is a very simple process... to be continued ...

User Levels

There is a control hierarchy in the channels. Obviously the "Owner", the one that created the channel, can do everything. They are Top Dog or God, if you will. Most other users who come and go are assigned by default to Normal level. The Owner can assign higher levels to certain users. At least one user with level above Normal must be joined for others to be able to join. This allows access to the channel when the Owner is not in the channel or online. Learn more at Chatroom User Levels

Using colorful text

To spice things up, you can add color to your comments.
Text colors can be used in channel messages. Learn more about that at Using Color Codes in Chat Text

to be continued....

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