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How to add and edit content and create new Wiki Pages
Note: Preliminary content added to site outline - Under Development and as yet Under Developed.

Creating a New Wiki Page

If a page on the topic does not yet exist, create it.


If you want to add a WiKi page for "How can I support development of fopnu?", you might want to add a page under the FAQ Section and give it a short name like "Donate"

Since the URL for the FAQ page is  , enter that in your browser, add a "/" to create a subpage, then add "Donate". The new URL would then be

Enter that to go to the page. If it already exists, you will see the current content. If it does not yet exist, you will see the 404 message:

This page does not exist.

Create a New Page

Go To Main Site

Clicking "Create a New Page" obviously will do that, opening a blank page for you to fill in a title and add initial content.

You can then add that URL to any other support wiki page by entering it there as:

[url=FAQ/Donate]Please, pretty please, send the DEVs some love[/url]

Editing Content

When viewing a support page that allows editing, click the Edit link at the top left corner of the page header. Then type or paste away. Details on basic layout and format codes are discussed in the Format Guide with a more extensive reference guide at SSS Formatting Tag Guide

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